Display Zones

Ever wanted to turn your web content location aware? Display Zones is the easiest available way to set up a web content such as images to react site visitors current location. With an easy-to-use map based tool you simply draw areas on map and attach the specific web content to those areas. We call these areas Display Zones! Once you have created your Display Zones you will receive a short HTML-code that is attached to your web site.

When the visitor opens the web site while beeing in a specific Display Zone, then the content related to that Display Zone will be shown. We have included amazing analytics behind the curtains so that you are able to understand which web content converts to real life sales at which areas.

We are currently inviting companies to pilot the service! Do you think your company would be interested in testing Display Zones? Request invitation by filling the form below, and we will contact you!

Value of Geography

Your business is affected by the geography surrounding it. The constant change and movement of your customers, competitors, assests, resources, and staff members determine your success. If your are blind to geographical changes in your operational environment you will be also blind to the risks that threaten your income. When you understand the dynamics of your customers, competitors, and other factors in relation to your business, you will find faster new opportunities to increase your revenue.

Not applying geography yet? You should! Contact us and we will get you started!

Who we are?

We are team of people passionate about the fact that using spatial analysis in business really creates competitive advantage! We are experts in finding the current weak spots in your company's core processes where geography is not either taken in account at all or not used for generating more revenue to your business and geoenabling these procesees. We are experts in ArcGIS technology that is the world leading technology for applying geography - this means that we are able to really change your daily routines by choosing the correct tools and implementing the technology needed.

We are based in Helsinki, Finland but offer services globally. Feel free to reach out to see how we could work together!

Antti Ahola

Geosprint Oy
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